Memorial Established for Museum Volunteer

In November the Dakota Territorial Museum staff and volunteers said good-bye to friend and fellow volunteer, Richard Teske.

Richard starting working at the museum in 2009 and enjoyed every minute of his time at the museum. During his time here he logged more than 2,400 hours helping us create searchable databases that the museum staff, volunteers, and partons will use for decades to come.

A memorial has been established at the museum in Richard’s name. The volunteers and staff have agreed to keep a promise to Rich, and have selected the a window in the Volunteer Office at the Mead Building to apply this memorial money, and it will be dedicated in his memory.

Rich was a great friend to all of us, and he has been truly missed by all of us.

We would like to thank the following people who have contributed to the Richard Teske Memorial Fund so far: Lola Harens, Jean Christenson, Karen & Casey Rogat, Karen Kubal, Heidi Henson, Crystal Nelson, Richard Pillar, Joan Neubauer, John & Lois Varvel

1881 Flood
1881 Flood Looking Southeast
The Dakota Territorial Museum welcomes volunteers!  Below are some areas in which the museum needs volunteers. 

 * Interested persons may volunteer as much or as little as they wish.  They may also select any project from the below list.  Special projects can be arranged with the museum director. 

 Assistant Archivists

- This would involve working with old books and pamplets.  They need to be properly packaged, stored, and recorded.

 Assistant Conservationists

- This would involve working with a variety of different collections.  One in particular would be the photographs, they need to be properly stored and recorded.

- Other things would involve working in the storage rooms organizing and taking care of objects.

First House in Yankton
First House in Yankton
Updating the Catalogue

- This process deals directly with the museum objects themselves.  Over the years the collection catalogue books that recorded what items we have at the museum have become outdated and inaccurate in some cases. 

- We are also looking for someone who likes to take good pictures because each item in the museum needs to be photographed individually for our records.

 Computer work

- We are looking to implement the PastPerfect museum program here at the museum and we would definitely appreciate someone who doesn't mind putting data into the program and someone that can be very detailed on each item.

Chalkstone House
1st Catholic Church/Sommerison House

- As we are updating the cataloque for the collections, we will be wanting people who like to do research to find out more information on many of the objects in the museum.  Many of the cataloque records are vague and often don't explain the object in any detail.  Someone who is willing to research items would be very helpful to us.

 Office Work

- Our office is also in need of some serious organization so if there is someone who really likes to organize things, this would be a great job for them.


Teddy Roosevelt Visiting Yankton
Teddy Roosevelt Speaking in Yankton
- Much of our day is consumed with educating visitors and making them feel welcome.  If someone is interested in getting to know more or already knows a lot about Yankton history, this may be of interest to them.  There would be no strenuous work involved.  We would be happy to have greeters in the main building as well as in the school and the depot.  Anyone that likes to interact with the public and likes to tell stories.